Julien Renaud

Lyon, Rhône-Alpes, France

Productivity - team, Getting started, Training - virtual/remote, Training - in-person

Team Manager,

Hi I'm Julien
- I have 10 years of team management in several companies
- I'm keen of project management and collaboration
- I followed numerous trainings followed in communication, management, organization, personal efficiency, ...
- I'm always looking for ways to progress

I'm Asana Forum Champion and Asana Certified Pro.


One day I discovered Asana…
Today more than 200 colleagues have an account in my company.

I have managed the whole deployment of Asana, on several sites with different departments and in several countries: training, communication, change management, ...

More than 2 years of daily coaching experience with Asana users has allowed me to gain a great experience with Asana for a wide range of uses: HR, Finance, Marketing, R&D, IT, After Sales, ...

If you need help for training, adoption plan, or audit, don't hesitate to contact me!