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Training - virtual/remote

Larry Berger San Francisco, California, United States
Productivity - team, Asana best practices, Training - virtual/remote, Remote working processes
Trilogi Solutions

Not sure where to start? Stuck? Want to unlock Asana basic and advanced secrets? No time to read all the Asana docs? ASANA JUMPSTART ($195) A one-h (show more)

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Interests: Product Management, Onboarding, Goals/Strategy/Planning, Reporting, IT/Development, Information Architecture/Design/User Experience, and Workflow/Automation

Paul Minors Auckland, New Zealand
Training - virtual/remote, Asana best practices, Change management - large teams, Productivity - team
Minor Workshop Ltd

Get help with Asana set up, team training, integrations and automation. Learn how to get more out of Asana and ensure your team successfully adopts the (show more)

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Interests: productivity, email, task management, automation, and integration

Johnathan Ducote Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Asana best practices, Departmental focus: Business Operations, Training - virtual/remote, Operational process improvement
Cirrus Flow

Entrepreneur and consultant with experience in developing and managing businesses, having worked in manufacturing, consumer service and start-ups in a (show more)

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Interests: Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, Property Management, and Real Estate

Ken Burnstein San Francisco, California, United States
Asana best practices, Training - virtual/remote, Workflow development, Remote working processes

We're a coaching and advisory company located in San Francisco, with clients worldwide. We focus primarily on helping our clients scale their businesse (show more)

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Interests: Best Practices, Change Management, Team Training, Systems Integration, Remote Work, Strategy Consulting, and Simplifying Processes

Barbara Ramirez Bogota, Distrito Capital de Bogotá, Colombia
Asana best practices, Goal tracking, Strategic planning, Training - virtual/remote
My Virtual Partnr

Hello, My name is Barbara Ramirez 👋 I’m an Experienced Remote Executive Assistant | Managing Projects & Teams Remotely. I'm a productivity and ma (show more)

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Todd Cavanaugh New York City, New York, United States
Project management, Training - in-person, Training - virtual/remote, Onboarding new users
Project Management Pros

Hi! My name is Todd and I'm the founder of Project Management Pros (formerly Asana Training). I've been training companies in Asana since 2013. Since t (show more)

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Interests: task management, automation, Zapier, integrations, time-tracking, and project management

Paul Grobler Cambridge | Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Training - in-person, Training - virtual/remote, Getting started, Productivity - individual
GRO Consulting

I am an instant human, just add coffee and good conversation. With more than ten years of experience managing a variety of projects and teams, I now co (show more)

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Interests: Agile, Scrum, Personal productivity, Getting Things Done (GTD), and NPO support

Aron Markowitz Brooklyn, New York, United States
Asana best practices, Training - in-person, Training - virtual/remote, Departmental focus: Business Operations
Rethink and Execute Inc.

I am the CEO of "Rethink and Exceute Inc" Setting up Small Business Coordination, by taking the GTD method and customizing it to your company via ASAN (show more)

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Interests: GTD and Getting Thinks Done

Tasha Glover Canton, Mississippi, United States
Digital marketing, Training - virtual/remote, Project management, Departmental focus: Business Operations
Tech with Tasha

Hey I'm Tasha! I love Asana and use it to keep track of multiple projects and team members in my digital marketing business. I support Kingdom mi (show more)

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Interests: Community Building, Family, and Collaboration

Arielle Hale Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Remote working processes, Project management, Training - virtual/remote, Digital marketing
Hale Yeah Marketing

Arielle Hale is a launch and marketing project manager for online business owners who want to successfully launch their digital courses. (show more)

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Interests: digital marketing, coaching, and online courses

James McCallum Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain
Productivity - team, Change management - large teams, Remote working processes, Training - virtual/remote
PORTAL Business Training

HELPING TEAMS LARGE AND SMALL: ► To reduce the time spent looking for information ► To have more time to spend on important tasks ► To improve com (show more)

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Interests: Agile, productivity, Learning & Development, communication, team collaboration, and remote work

Marco Michely Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Training - virtual/remote, Getting started, Productivity - team, Project management
Michely Web Engineering UG

Ich habe langjährige Erfahrung im Projektmanagement und der Umsetzung im Bereich IT und Software-Entwicklung. Als Consultant begleite ich Agenturen und (show more)

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Interests: Entrepreneurship, Projectmanagement, Web Development, and Effective productivity

Gilles Toussaint Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Training - virtual/remote, Departmental focus: Marketing, Digital marketing, Strategic planning

Entrepreneur, Ph.D. in Chemistry, I am a team leader with 9+ years of industry experience and a successful track record in digital marketing, lean proj (show more)

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Interests: pharma, greentech, cleantech, science, creative, music, and Project management

Isabella Johnston Orlando, Florida, United States
Departmental focus: HR, Change management - small teams, Strategic planning, Training - virtual/remote
Pivot Business Consulting

Hi! I help clients get order out of chaos (think of it like untangling Christmas tree lights). I can work onsite or virtually as your trusted external (show more)

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Interests: Asana best practices, Onboarding new users, virtual/remote, Training - onsite, and Change management - small teams

Amy Mitchell Tofino, British Columbia, Canada
Getting started, Asana best practices, Training - virtual/remote, Productivity - individual
Amy Mitchell Consulting

I teach online coaches how to use Asana to set up their Digital HQ and run all the moving parts of their business. (show more)

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Christine Paula Love Bernasor Cebu, Central Visayas (Region VII), Philippines
Training - virtual/remote, Remote working processes, Workflow development, Project management
Digital Nomads Philippines

Paula Bernasor is an experienced project manager, consummate community connector, and a passionate public speaker. She is a full-time freelancer helpin (show more)

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Interests: Startups, Travel, Minimalism, Blogging, Water Sports, Experience Design, and Social Enterprise

Justin Butlion Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Project management, Training - virtual/remote, Productivity - team, Departmental focus: Business Operations

My name is Justin Butlion and I'm an experienced business operations consultant that specializes in business performance. My passion is helping busi (show more)

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Interests: SaaS, growth, business analytics, content marketing, business performance, and data visualization

Julien RENAUD Lyon, France
Productivity - team, Getting started, Training - virtual/remote, Training - in-person

Hi I'm Julien - I have 12 years of team management in several companies - I'm keen of project management and collaboration - I followed numerous tra (show more)

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Interests: Efficiency, Collaboration, Productivity, and Team spirit

Katrina Lee Thousand Oaks , California, United States
Training - virtual/remote, Digital marketing, Project management, Campaign management
Dymic Digital

Hi! I'm Katrina. I work at Dymic Digital as an SEO account manager. I also work as a CFO for a growing E-sports Organization. Helping teams reach their (show more)

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Interests: web design, digital marketing, and seo

Brendan McCauley Boynton Beach, Florida, United States
Training - virtual/remote, Productivity - individual, Time management, Operational process improvement
eLearn Mastery, LLC.

I work with motivated entrepreneurs looking to create automation in their business and want to get laser-focused on completing the daily tasks to help (show more)

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Interests: Training, Coaching, Organizational Structure, Time Management, Process Management, and Entrepreneurship

Steven Male Auckland, New Zealand
Change management - small teams, Digital marketing, Training - virtual/remote, Asana best practices
Steven Male

Hey, I'm Steven! After building and growing an agency, 5 years later we got acquired! 🎉 Asana helped maintain my sanity and push us to new levels of gr (show more)

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Interests: Marketing, Asana, personal development, storytelling, productivity, and scaling companies

Gabriel Fagundes São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Getting started, Project management, Training - in-person, Training - virtual/remote
L3 Software

Hello, my name is Gabriel, I work on the L3 Software partnership department. Since I started working there they asked me to start exploring Asana. I (show more)

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Interests: Productivity, Project Management, Presentation, Implementation, Get Started, and Tranning

Martin Zanello Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina
Asana best practices, Departmental focus: Finance, Training - virtual/remote, Productivity - team
Estudio BEZ

I am an accountant, also CEO of a small bussiness in my city. I do consulting for all my customers here and I love asana cause I made me boost my produ (show more)

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Interests: management, reporting, tax, accountant, and Auditing

Aerlie Wildy Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Training - virtual/remote, Project management, Operational process improvement, Departmental focus: Business Operations
Aerlie Wildy

I’m a Business Systems Strategist & CEO Mentor. I guide small business owners and entrepreneurs to transition from doing #allthethings to having suppo (show more)

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Interests: Asana for solo entrepreneurs, setting up for outsourcing, and Productivity

KC Chan London, United Kingdom
Change management - small teams, Training - virtual/remote, Departmental focus: Marketing, Digital marketing
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Interests: Football, Digital Transformation, ABM, and Growth Marketing

Hiroshi Watanabe 中央区, Tokyo, Japan
Training - virtual/remote, Departmental focus: Sales, Campaign management, Asana best practices

ex)Salesforce Account Executive , PasonaTquila Sales Maneger I am currently working as a sales person at a company that uses AI as a product. I h (show more)

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Interests: Sales enablement, Lead nurturing, Lead generation, and Salesforce

Yaniv Corem Kiryat Tiv'On, HaZafon, Israel
Strategic planning, Change management - small teams, Training - virtual/remote, Project management

I’m the Co-Founder and CEO of NUKADIMA, a boutique innovation consulting firm that helps global organizations to design, build, and manage their innova (show more)

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Interests: Design Thinking, Design Sprints, Innovation Management, and Innovation Strategy

Scott Hoppe, CPA San Francisco, California, United States
Remote working processes, Project management, Training - virtual/remote
Why Blu

Scott is an accounting firm owner and consults other firm owners on Asana setups & automation. (show more)

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Interests: Accounting Firms

Marissa Taffer, PMP Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Training - virtual/remote, Departmental focus: Marketing, Change management - large teams, Project management
M. Taffer Consulting

I'm a project manager who is well versed in business operations. I have worked with stakeholders and clients to create change in organizations. I help (show more)

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Interests: Organizational Development, Training, Operations, Marketing, Change Management, Content Creation, Business Development, Digital Marketing, and Project Management

Ralph Ervin Somerdale, New Jersey, United States
Getting started, Training - virtual/remote, Operational process improvement, Workflow development
Trinity Enterprises LLC.

Hi! I’m a Business Coach and Asana Certified Pro Consultant in the Philadelphia area. I help businesses and ministries build highly effective workf (show more)

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Interests: Productivity, Entrepreneurship, Personal Finance, Ministry, and Time Management

Kristine Joy Gleyo Angeles City, Central Luzon (Region III), Philippines
Digital marketing, Training - virtual/remote, Project management, Strategic planning
Best Adpreneur, QuickPro, CLUBBV Media

Hello. Call me KJ Gleyo, your Social OMompreneur & Online Consultant, and I help other people improve their businesses and online work through educatin (show more)

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Interests: Content Creation, Vlogging & Blogging, Life & Online Business Coaching, Promoting Remote Work, Events Management, Domestic Travel for Promotions, and Social Media Marketing

Wahid Rouhli Casablanca, Drâa-Tafilalet, Morocco
Training - virtual/remote, Digital marketing, Remote working processes, Project management

Je vous aide à sortir des sentiers battus, à développer votre marque personnelle, créer de la valeur avec vos produits, bien optimiser votre productivi (show more)

Available for:

Interests: Remote work, Gestion de temps, Personal branding, GTM, Productivité, and Digital marketing

Amanda Acker Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Getting started, Onboarding new users, Remote working processes, Training - virtual/remote

I am an Online Business Manager, who specializes in helping successful online businesses grow and scale. I help my clients create systems that work. No (show more)

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Interests: Animals, Music, Reading, Learning, Team Building, and Systems

Jacque McHugh Washington, Missouri, United States
Departmental focus: Marketing, Departmental focus: Sales, Training - virtual/remote, Remote working processes
Branding Bear

Asana Certified Professional | Marketing and Cross-Collaboration Tech Stack Consultant | Strategist & Advisor | CEO @BrandingBearLLC 🐻+💙=📈 | Promotiona (show more)

Available for:

Interests: travel, training in person or virtually, business development, marketing coaching, organizing life with Asana, entrepreneurship, and Building brands

François Ménard Laval, Quebec, Canada
Training - virtual/remote, Asana best practices, Productivity - team, Workflow development
Le chef de prod

Obtenez de l'aide pour configurer Asana, la formation de votre équipe, les intégrations et l'automatisation. Apprenez à tirer le meilleur parti d'A (show more)

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Interests: Gestion des tâches, Productivité, Martech, Automatisation, and Growth Hacking

Rein Bautista Manila, National Capital Region, Philippines
Departmental focus: Marketing, Remote working processes, Training - virtual/remote, Project management

Led a marketing team of 25+ people to drive marketing projects forward - ads, emarketing, content, PR, and creatives. Organized product launches, sales (show more)

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Interests: Running, Freediving, Marketing Campaigns, Process Optimization, and Ecommerce

Marc Bara Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain
Project management, Operational process improvement, Productivity - team, Training - virtual/remote

I focus on integrating my skillsets and wealth of experience to assist organizations in deploying, operating and optimizing Project Management to meet (show more)

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Interests: training, workflows, business processes, productivity, and project management

Pawel Owsianka Kraków, Małopolskie, Poland
Asana best practices, Getting started, Workflow development, Training - virtual/remote
Projekt BE

Multi-hat consultant supporting individuals, teams, and companies to improve their everyday business. Building on 15 years of experience in projects, t (show more)

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Interests: scaling up, decision making patterns, team dynamics, workflow building, and system coaching

Prerak Trivedi Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India
Getting started, Departmental focus: Design, Productivity - team, Training - virtual/remote

I am a digital consultant with experience of 8 years working remotely in various fields with various teams. I have worked with creative & technical tal (show more)

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Interests: Project management, Team management, Sustainable relationship management, and Sustainable work life

Dominic L'Héreault Mascouche, Quebec, Canada
Workflow development, Operational process improvement, Productivity - team, Training - virtual/remote
Idéa Strategies
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Daniel Romero Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico
Onboarding new users, Remote working processes, Training - virtual/remote, Training - in-person

I help companies to educate their team work in Asana and how to connect it with other collaboration apps. I can help you find new market opportunities (show more)

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Interests: Marketing, UI, UX, Networking, Video, Audio, and Collaboration

Stephen Colwell Laguna Niguel, California, United States
Strategic planning, Getting started, Training - virtual/remote, Project management

As a fractional COO and certified Agile practitioner, I help companies accelerate work and complete their mission-critical projects faster, at a lower (show more)

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Interests: innovation, product development, lean start-up, marketing, technology, scrum, and Agile

Marjy Guery Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Training - virtual/remote, Workflow development, Departmental focus: Customer Support, Departmental focus: Business Operations
Belle Consulting Solutions LLC

Atlanta-based consultant helping service providers quickly launch their offers and streamline their client experience without tech stress. (show more)

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Interests: SaaS, Cyber security, VIP Days, Digital products, Launch management, HoneyBook, Dubsado, WordPress, and Client experience

Muhammad Asad Ullah Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Project management, Training - virtual/remote, Departmental focus: IT, Operational process improvement

Hi! My name is Muhammad Asad Ullah and I'm the CTO of Rich Technologies ( I've been training and managing teams/companies in Asana sin (show more)

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Interests: Virtual Assistant, IT, Perfection, Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Productivity, and Coaching

Bilal Erkin Osnabrück, Niedersachsen, Germany
Onboarding new users, Workflow development, Training - virtual/remote, Project management
Erkin Digital

We are an experienced digital agency, and we love supporting companies that need the help of an expert to work more digitally and automated with great (show more)

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Interests: digitalization, Deutschland, Training, automation, Consulting, Implementation, SMB, and SME

Colin Scotland Liverpool, England, United Kingdom
Digital marketing, Strategic planning, Training - virtual/remote, Getting started

I am a Marketing and Online Business Coach. I help mission-driven entrepreneurs to fulfill their potential. (show more)

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